We are the best solution provider for Virtual Learning. We provide solution on  online, off-line learning for Students, Professionals and Experts.

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All solutions offered by us are in-house crafted

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eGyan Ship is the best Solution for Education, Training and Lifelong Learning for Schools, College, Universities and all other organizations willing to integrate in their processes.

We are e-solution providers building capacity of individual and organization to generate the desired outcome. We provide efficient and effective solutions integrated with ICT to ensure ultimate customers satisfaction. These solutions will engage internal customer as well as ensure optimal utilization of their potentials. Every solution recommended or provided by us are innovative and well tested than any other currently available in the market.



We deliver quality service through agile software development process, cutting edge technologies and highly competent engineers.

We have strong legacy on content transformation and technical documentation


We are leading software solution and e-learning modules provider for Schools, Colleges, INGOs, NGOs, Medical Facilities, Government Organizations, Publication Houses, Banks, and other Businesses  all over Nepal, India, Australlia, Singapore and USA.


About Us

eGyan Ship is a social enterprise initiated by intellectual entrepreneurs, duly established under provision of Nepali Company Act.  The organization has great combination of passionate ICT, Research, Education, Training & Development, Creative Writing, and Management professionals as founders dedicated to provide creative and effective solution